Thavhani City mixed-use precinct attracts retail firsts and landmark healthcare facilities

Thavhani City, the major economic centre in Thohoyandou, Limpopo, is set to be home to the largest flagship NHC medical day care clinic in South Africa and the first Builders Warehouse in the region.

The first phase of Thavhani City, the 50,000sqm regional Thavhani Mall, opened on 24 August 2017, and has proven to be a resounding success and a powerful catalyst for the development rollout of the surrounding Thavhani City mixed-use urban precinct.

Thavhani City is designed to be the future economic hub of Northern and Eastern Limpopo. In addition to Thavhani Mall, the master plan for Thavhani City includes private healthcare facilities, new transport terminals, a motor city, offices, hotels and a value retail centre. It will also feature community soccer fields and an outdoor gym, all linked with beautifully landscaped pedestrian walkways.

Flanagan & Gerard Property Development and Investment, as part of Thavhani Property Investments, is driving the roll-out of the new modern mixed-use CBD, The first Builders Warehouse in the region is currently being built and will open for trade on 28 June 2018. The store’s first phase will span 3,200sqm, and will provide excellent high-quality hardware and building materials for the burgeoning residential construction industry in the area.

Also underway is the flagship NHC private medical day care clinic, which at 3,500sqm will be the group’s largest clinic in South Africa. It will provide key medical specialists and facilities including a radiologist, pathologist, dialysis as well as ten general practitioners. The facility will also have a nursery school.

Already home to Old Mutual’s regional offices, a new office park will be developed within Thavhani City. The multi-business office park will also offer vibrant co-working facilities for entrepreneurs, actively encouraging small business, job creation and economic activity.

In addition, Thavhani City’s motor city will house major car brands supported by complementary service businesses. The precinct will also be home to a new private acute hospital with facilities for 100-plus beds.


Each element of the Thavhani City masterplan introduces new employment and economic opportunities.

Local businessman Khosi Ramovha, of Thavhani Property Investments, says: “The creation of Thavhani City will not just retain retail expenditure, but more importantly the human capital that has historically moved to major metros for economic opportunities and modern living. We are building the modern living facilities and bringing these opportunities and people home.”

Paul Gerard, MD of Flanagan & Gerard, comments: “Thavhani City creates a central hub that allows its community easy access to a mixed-use of urban functions and facilities. It also boosts the standard of living in Thohoyandou, heightens its appeal as a place to live, work and strengthens the local economy. The response to the vision for Thavhani City has been tremendously positive and we are proud to be a part of building its very bright future.”

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